Terms of Service

  • Orders & Payments Policy

    Unpaid orders will not be generated!

  • Order Cancellation

    All orders are final and non-refundable 24 hours after payment is processed. Delivery and pickup times can only be modified based on availability. If the order is canceled more than 24 hours in advance, a refund is possible minus all costs and materials that were purchased and spent on the order.

  • Return & Delivery Policy

    Shining Event cannot guarantee a delivery at an exact time and location and offers a delivery window of 2 hours. The purchaser is responsible for confirming the permission of the delivery and setup (installation) to the set location, that includes the permission of latex and foil balloons, flowers and balloons decorate. 
    Shining Event recommends having the purchaser or recipient onsite to receive the order. We dont recommend leaving orders unattended at delivery. If the location has a doorman, Shining Event may call the order purchaser or recipient of the order to confirm the doorman is capable of accepting the delivery if necessary. 
    Shining Event does not take responsibility or issue refunds if the order is not received by someone upon delivery, or if another person on-site handles, damages, or misplaces the order. Shining Event is not responsible or liable, if the purchaser and or the recipient of a delivery experiences any health issues or illness that follows the receiving of an order.
    We will be only to deliver an order once, to one location at the time and place set by the purchaser. If a delivery cannot be delivered for any reason, Shining Event will return the order to production and the purchaser will be notified. If a second delivery is made, the purchaser will incur an additional delivery charge. 
    Shining Event will be to photography all orders upon completion for quality portfolio and social media. Orders final and non-refundable after delivery and non-exchangeable if the item was not damaged for our reason during installation & transportation.
    Self-pickup is possible, please call for details of the address after order.

  • Decoration & Installation Policy

    During the decoration of balls and flowers, damage to the walls may occur if there is no special place for attaching these structures. If the customer does not provide a special place for fastening, then we are not responsible for these damages.
    It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to receive approval and permission from the hotel, venue, restaurant or space that a set up will be permitted. Shining Event is not responsible for gaining permission for a set up under any circumstances. If an order is placed and a set up is not permitted on the day of the event, Shining Event is not responsible or liable and will not issue a refund.
    Outdoor orders are not guaranteed and non refundable for continuous operation in difficult weather conditions. Weather conditions can affect the integrity of the set up and products. Cold weather, warm weather, wind, humidity, rain, sleet, snow, and direct exposure to sunlight can affect the products or the mechanics of the set up.
    During events, all responsibility for the safe operation of decorations and structures rests with the client.
    It is recommended to supervise children and animals, do not lean on installations, don't shake them. If the installations are outdoors under adverse weather conditions (strong wind, rain), it is not recommended to stay close to the installations in order to avoid possible injuries.

  • Payment Options

    We provide these payment options : Credit Card, Zelle and Venmo Payments.